Business Class Auckland to Europe. Amsterdam, Paris, London… Early Bird Airfares on Sale in Premium Economy

Lowest Airfare Deals now available for 2016 departures
Economy Special: Europe from $1595* get a quote
Premium Special: Europe from $3969*get a quote
Business Special: Europe from $4689get a quote
*example AKL – Amsterdam r/t airfare book now or call 09 424 3731*limited availability
Combine with our Five Star Cruise Deals & Vacation Tours Worldwide!

Come aboard!  Call us or visit us in our ViP Lounge.
Talk to us @ 09 424 3731 or Get a Smart Quote –>
luxury business class
FLY ViP & combine your flights
with ViPTRiP’s clever deals for Rental Cars * Cruises * Tours * Hotels * Resorts and Vacation Home rentals…

FlyViP.NZ unique personalized service offers competitive lie flat Business and First Class airfare deals worldwide and top quality Premium and Economy class deals!
Flexible Routings with Multi Stop-Over Options. Local chauffeur limousine and transfer options to choose from.
Five Star Hotel and Resort arrangements. Around the World Tickets.
First Class Service for Business Class Customers. Fly-in / Fly-out add-on vacation deals.
Five hundered destinations to choose from… Amsterdam to Zurich. Los Angeles, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Nice, Milan, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Helsinki, Warsaw, Dubai, Taipei, Hongkong, Perth, Brisbane, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Leipzig, Dresden, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Venice, Naples, Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Denver, Houston, Vancouver, Honolulu, Nadi, Tahiti, Toronto, Boston, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Marseille, Porto, Washington, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Johannesburg, Durban, Calgary, Cologne, Dubrovnik, Crete, Geneva, Luxemburg, Genoa, Bordeaux….
Our carefully selected top airlines use mainly brand new quiet and fuel efficient Airbus A350 A380 and Boeing 777 or Dreamliner 787’s with highest comfort and latest technology to minimize your carbon footprint. Exclusive on board entertainment, luxurious in flight service.


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