French Polynesia, Raiatea, Uturoa: Attempted Burglary & Assault – January 2013

Christian Eckhardt has reported the following incident which happened to his neighbours, yacht Tamora, in Uturoa in January. So far we have been unable to get clarification from the German owners of Tamora, however the details as we know them are as follows:

Tamora was berthed alongside the Town dock in Uturoa, at its northern end in front of the Champion Supermarket. There is no security on the Town dock.

At 03h00, 4 robbers boarded the yacht and began trying to steal the outboard engine. This disturbed the crew who came on deck as the robbers jumped off the boat and ran to a car in which they tried to escape. After 5 minutes they returned and began throwing stones at the German couple who owned the boat injuring the skipper badly on his arm.

The yacht crew managed to take a picture of the car with the number plate clearly showing. They gave this to the police who fortunately caught the robbers the next day.

Christian Eckhardt commented:
“I am in Raiatea now since September waiting for the end of hurricane season and can confirm the in majority hostile atmosphere. Raiatea is at the moment definitely dangerous in Uturoa. My fishing rod got stolen at Vaitape pier (Bora Bora) in the night. They came directly on my boat. Cruisers seem not to be welcome in Uturoa – shell gas station: they do not give any water anymore to nobody except the fisherman.”


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